The iPhone 15 Could Be Delayed This Year

The iPhone 15 Could Be Delayed This Year

Apple typically announces iPhones during September. The phones typically launch shortly after. It’s also possible that it’s possible that the iPhone 15 will be delayed this year.

A report from 9to5Mac made based upon CAD models suggests that the iPhone 15 will have USB-C, slimmer bezels and iphone 15 rounded corners. Additionally, it will have the option of a dark red shade along with a new action button that replaces the mute switch.

New iPhone 15 Model

The iPhone 15 is expected to adopt the same layout as the iPhone 14 series, with a basic model, a Pro model and Pro Max. Each model will have Straight-edge designs.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is introducing a brand new color for the iPhone 15, which will be stunning deep red. The color will be replacing Deep Purple as the flagship color. It is expected to come with a USB-C connector and a bigger Dynamic Island screen.

A different rumor suggests that the iPhone 15 will have more storage options, such as 2TB. This will be a huge improvement over last year’s 128GB model. It will utilize a less power-intensive OLED display driver.

Apple will likely to host an event to launch on the 13th of September. The date is similar to the one on which Apple usually holds its launch events. As per reports, several mobile providers have instructed employees not to take holiday dates on this day due to a “major smartphone announcement.” Most likely, this is referring towards the iPhone 15. Apple is also rumored to include a upgraded camera as well as a speedier wi-fi modem.

New iPhone 15 Hardware

The standard iPhone 15 will reportedly ditch the Lightning port to make room for USB-C. It is likely to be the first time Apple is doing this. According to reports, new ports will be superior to their Lightning counterparts and enable larger batteries.

The rumor is that Apple is planning to expand the Dynamic Island Sensor, present in the iPhone 14 Pro models, across all its products. This could reduce the requirement for a notch, and could offer users a better photo experience.

A veteran reporter Mark Gurman has reported that the latest phones will have smaller edges and consist of titanium. He also says the corners on the back will be more rounded than square and feature a “new border design.” The company will reveal the brand iPhone 15’s new design iPhone 15 on September 13. The 13th is an official Wednesday. It will coincide with the previous launch of the product.

New iPhone 15 Software

As per Apple’s standard release calendar The iPhone 15 should be unveiled around September 11 or 13. The handset is likely to become available the following week.

In contrast to previous iPhones featuring Touch ID, the upcoming handset is likely to utilize Face ID as its main biometrics sensor. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that 2023’s iPhone will include an integrated version that uses Touch ID underneath the display.

In addition, the iPhone 15 is expected to change to USB-C. The leaks earlier from repair firm Fix Apple and renders based upon CAD models suggest the new models will feature slimmer bezels. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to include an periscope lens that can provide an optical zoom of six times. zoom. A physical mute button is reported to be returning to the iPhone lineup.

New iPhone 15 Price

The iPhone 15 is expected to have a higher price than the current iPhone 14 models. According to reports from Barclays, the Pro models are likely to cost 100 percent more costly. But, that’s only speculation at present. The price of the new iPhones can cost before Apple will unveil them during the event scheduled for September.

The iPhone 15 is also expected to sport a slightly bigger screen. There is speculation that it will have a 6.2-inch screen on Pro models, a 6.2-inch screen for Pro model as well as a 6.7-inch screen for The Pro Max. The display is also expected to have a 2,500 nits brightness, which is an increase from the previous version. Furthermore there is a change to the Pro models are likely to have a brand-new construction material – titanium. It is believed that this material will make the models more durable. Also, an article from trusted MacRumors tips that the Pro models will have the ability to replace buttons that are physical with tactile ones. This is an enormous modification that can improve users’ experience with the gadget.

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