iPhone 15 Durability Rumors Start to Hit Fever Pitch

iPhone 15 Durability Rumors Start to Hit Fever Pitch

iPhone 15 rumors are starting to hit fever pitch. It looks like the new flagship will largely look and function similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, including a massive camera bump and flat metal frame.

It will, however, swap out the stainless steel for titanium in a bid to reduce weight. It’s also rumored to introduce a number of Pro-exclusive features.

Camera HDR

Many photos look overexposed (bright and with lots of detail) or underexposed (very dark with no color and little detail). With HDR, your iPhone will take several pictures in rapid succession to capture both the highlights and shadows, then automatically select the best image. The result is a well-balanced photo with great detail in both the bright and dark areas.

The new HDR feature on the iPhone 15 will help you snap more dramatic and dynamic photos, especially in low-light conditions. This is possible thanks to the camera’s dual-lens system and its improved imaging pipeline.

You’ll also get better image quality with the rumored new camera sensors, which will deliver crisper images and better colors. Finally, the new processor ip15 is expected to give you faster, smoother video recording and live view.

Another improvement you may notice is that your iPhone will no longer save two identical photos when you use Smart HDR mode. The non-HDR version will be deleted, so you’ll have less clutter in your camera roll. To disable this setting, go to Settings > Camera and toggle the “Keep Normal Photo” switch off. You can always enable it again later if you change your mind.

Advanced camera sensors

iPhone users have long been praised for the high-quality images and videos that they can capture with Apple’s flagship smartphones. However, recent criticisms have pointed to a number of shortcomings, including oversharpening, excessive brightness, unnaturally blue skies, limited zoom range, lack of fine detail, and poor performance in low-light conditions.

The new iPhone 15 could address these issues by incorporating a larger camera sensor that can take in more light. According to Nikkei Asia, the smartphone will feature a Sony-made state-of-the-art image sensor that will roughly double the saturation signal level in each pixel. This is expected to significantly improve low-light photography and reduce overexposure and underexposure in images with strong backlights.

In addition to a larger sensor, the iPhone 15 is also rumored to feature a secondary telephoto lens that can be used for 3X optical zoom. While this feature will likely be exclusive to the Pro models, it should significantly improve iPhone photography and filmmaking capabilities. Meanwhile, a recent supply chain report suggests that the iPhone 15 Ultra will shun stainless steel and instead utilize titanium around its edges. This material provides the same strength as stainless steel at only 40% of the weight, which should result in a much lighter and durable phone.

iTunes Store integration

Apple’s latest OS has plenty of new features that help you stay connected and get things done. FaceTime updates make video calls more natural, Focus helps you reduce distraction, new features in Maps use on-device intelligence to surface useful information and more.

According to a recent rumour, the iPhone 15 Pro will be able to boost its screen brightness up to 2500 nits – that’s an impressively bright level for an Android smartphone, let alone an iPhone. The display is also expected to have a new mute button that takes inspiration from the Apple Watch Ultra’s customisable Action Button, which can be used for app shortcuts and other functions.

The standard iPhone 15 is also likely to switch from Lightning to USB-C, but it will only support the slower USB 2.0 specification – no faster charging or data transfer capabilities. This is a disappointment, but one that should be easy to deal with as most existing accessories will still work with the new port.

The Pro models are also expected to feature thinner curved bezels, similar to those on the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8. According to the leaked photo below from ShrimpApplePro, they’ll “break the record of thinnest bezels for an OLED display on a mobile device” at 1.55mm.

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