Final Statement Of Nguyen Van Duong In The Trial Of The Billion-Dollar Online Gambling Case Comes To An End

Before delving into Nguyen Van Duong’s final statement, let’s take a brief look at his background. Many readers may not be familiar with who Nguyen Van Duong really is. Therefore, understanding his biography will help you grasp the content of this article.

Nguyen Van Duong, 46 years old, is the Chairman of a technology company called CNC, which operates under the Ministry of Public Security. Prior to that, Duong was also the Chairman of UDIC Investment Corporation, a company involved in the construction of the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway.

Nguyen Van Duong became widely known through the Rikvip online gambling network, which generated billions of Vietnamese dong in profits. Duong was the person who connected with Phan Sao Nam and led the operation of two gambling portals in Vietnam. After the exposure of the gambling portals, he was also recognized as the son-in-law of former Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, Pham Quang Nghi.

Furthermore, the media also revealed that Nguyen Van Duong currently resides in Dong Da District, Hanoi, and owns two luxurious apartments in Hai Ba Trung District. As for his biological parents, he keeps his family background completely confidential and undisclosed to the public.

When it was his turn to make the final statement, Duong spoke softly and with a deep, contemplative tone, carrying many thoughts within him. Nguyen Van Duong’s final statement was as follows: “This morning, the Prosecutor’s Office proposed a sentence of 8-9 years in prison for gambling-related charges, and 3-4 years in prison for money laundering, totaling 11-13 years in prison. I admit to my two criminal acts, but I find this punishment a bit heavy for me.”

Nguyen Van Duong further stated that he had no comments regarding the gambling charges, but regarding the money laundering charge, he had some opinions. He mentioned that money laundering is still relatively new in Vietnam. Therefore, due to his lack of awareness and understanding of the law during his business activities, he was unaware that it constituted a money laundering offense. Being a businessman and an investor in various fields, when there were returns from such business activities, he wanted to invest in other areas.

Although Nguyen Van Duong’s final statement served as a self-defense, he would still accept the final verdict determined by the trial panel. He also expressed gratitude to the investigative agencies, detention centers, and relevant officials who have shown concern for his circumstances during the past year of his temporary detention. He also thanked his family and loved ones for their care and support throughout this period.

Nguyen Van Duong, as the head of CNC company and the person directly responsible for the entire Rikvip billion-dollar gambling case, voluntarily took full responsibility for the actions of his subordinates and employees. He also hoped that the trial panel would assign him the entire responsibility in place of CNC employees and consider not imposing any punishment on them, allowing them to return to their families.

Nguyen Van Duong deeply regretted causing severe consequences, tarnishing the reputation of the police force, dishonoring his family, and losing the opportunity to contribute to his country. For him, this is the most valuable lesson in his life, as well as a painful lesson for himself when lacking legal knowledge in any circumstances.

When delivering his final statement, the defendant showed remorse and regret for his wrongful actions. Duong also hoped that the trial panel would consider mitigating the punishment. He also urged everyone to equip themselves with legal knowledge to avoid unwarranted mistakes. After the trial session, the court will promptly proceed to the deliberation phase and pronounce the sentence for the defendant, Duong.

After listening to Nguyen Van Duong’s final statement, the Phu Tho Provincial Prosecutor’s Office concluded that Duong was the direct leader commanding the CNC company, which gave rise to a series of other gamblers and corrupted some officials and public servants, resulting in profits exceeding 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong.

To conceal the illicit profits, Duong laundered up to 329 billion Vietnamese dong, and so far, only 245 billion Vietnamese dong has been recovered. Duong’s actions were charged as “Organizing gambling” and “Money laundering” offenses.

During the investigation process, Duong fully confessed to his criminal acts and accomplices, but he failed to declare the use of the illicit proceeds. As a result, the Prosecutor’s Office sentenced Duong to 10 years in prison and ordered the confiscation of the illicit funds, considering the mitigating circumstances and without imposing any aggravated liability.

In conclusion, you have been provided with some knowledge related to the Rikvip billion-dollar gambling case through the article “Exploring Nguyen Van Duong’s Final Statement.” It is hoped that this article has brought you valuable insights. Enjoy reading and remember to visit the website regularly for more informative articles.

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