Comedy, Romance, Action – Bell bottom:

Comedy, Romance, Action - Bell bottom:

Action, Comedy and Romance are common genres that all our Telugu movies can relate to, but in retro style, No! This is one of those rare movies that was recently released with a retro background that makes you feel like you’re in the 90’s. Takes you back to classical times of Indian history. This is one of the best comedy movies online and you can watch the bell bottom movie online on OTT platform aha as this is a must watch entertainer for some great laughs.


The story is about a protagonist who aims at becoming the best detective in the town. His name is Diwakar. He grew up watching investigative movies and reading novels about detectives. Since his childhood, he was always passionate about investigations that he started solving some of the petty problems in the society in belief that someday, the world will offer a better case that once he solves, his life will change its course. But being jobless most of the time, he will be forced to join the police force by his father, who is a constable himself working hard to run the house. Unable to bear his father’s taunts, Diwakar joins the police force only to realise that unless he personally steps on any case, he will be used to clean toilets. Diwakar becomes one of the famous police constables when he solves a case that brings him fame around the place. That’s when he will be called for a duty. The three heads of the only three police stations in the town request Diwakar to investigate a case. Police seized gold a few days ago and the suspect is being questioned in court. While the court questions the suspect, some people steal gold from a police station that stuns the heads of the police station. They ask Diwakar to get back the gold before they get the notice from court to submit the seized property. As Diwakar starts investigation, he meets a woman who impresses him at first sight and he falls in love with her as she does social service to the poor. What kind of truths his investigation brings out is the story you should see the movie to know.

Actors Performances:

  • Haripriya as known as Sukuma in the film has done a great job to her characters as it has many shifts.
  • Rishab Shetty being the main hero, he has done justice to his character as no one does what he did.

Technical Aspects:

  • Script and Lyric writing in the film is deeply intense.
  • Cinematography is one of the best aspect that got in sync with Creative
  • directors which makes viewers dive deep into the story.
  • Music and BGM are beautifully done.

Cast and Crew Of Bell Bottom:

Actor: Rishab Shetty

Actress: Haripriya

Other Actors: Achyuth Kumar, Yogaraj Bhat

Director: Jayatheertha

Producer: Santhosh Kumar K. C.

This is one of the best comedy movies online that you can watch with your whole family at once. Watch new movies online only on aha.